A Little Longing Goes Away

Co Book Writer

2 women, 2 men

A woman gets a phone call in the middle of the night from her estranged older brother. She thinks it’s the call she’s dreaded her entire life. Only she’s not sure. As she takes the 90 minute subway ride to her brother’s place, she wonders about the woman on the train and if her brother will be okay. A Little Longing Goes Away is a musical about letting go, finding hope, and hopefully healing fraught relationships.

  • Development: Carnegie Mellon University’s 16th Annual PlayGround Festival of New Work
    • Venue: Philip Chosky Theatre  | Pittsburgh, PA
    • Music and Lyrics: Eben Hoffer & Issac Hoffer
    • Book: Sowmya Ashokkumar & Eben Hoffer
    • Director: Eben Hoffer
    • Starring: Brenna Power, Safiya Harris, Sam O’Byrne & Harry Thorton
    • Lighting Design: Jacob Wesson
    • Media Design: Cassidy Pearsall
    • Sound Support: Andrew Gluvna