or The J3ng@ Play

3 women of color

Melissa, a survivor of multiple instances of sexual abuse, has finally found a woman she likes dating, Simone. When their relationship becomes exclusive, Melissa’s trauma resurfaces as a haunting figure who cannot stop playing the famous block-stacking game. Part thriller part dramedy, Santosha or The J3ng@ Play highlights the beauty and joy of new relationships while navigating past trauma.

  • Awards:
    • Semifinalist, 2019 O’Neill National Playwrights Conference
    • Honorable Mention, Jane Chambers 2019 Student Playwriting Award
  • Development: Carnegie Mellon University’s New Works Series | Nov 14th-17th, 2018
    • Venue: City Theatre’s Hamburg Studio | Pittsburgh, PA
    • Director: Mary Frances Candies
    • Starring: Ava Yaghmaie, Georgia Mendes, & Jaron Crawford
    • Dramaturg: Emma McIntosh
    • Lighting Designer: Mitchell Jakubka
    • Scenic Consultant: Mark Ivachtchenko
    • Sound: Mary Frances Candies & Sowmya Ashokkumar
    • Note: This iteration of the play had 2 women of color & 1 man of color